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Together with MAERKISCHE TOUREN to charming and lonely lakes in BrandenburrgMärkische Touren, a young Berlin tour company is inviting you to daily trips to the most marvellous parts auf the surroundings of Berlin, to the Mark Brandenburg and beyond.

There is not a second capital in Europe with a comparable wide and open unspoiled natural scenery and high leisure value.

Brandenburg's large pine forests, silvery sand, numerous lakes and waterways are simply a nature lover's delight. You can find soft hills shaped in the Ice-Age, grasslands and woods, small towns with historical centers, castles and gardens, churches and monasteries. A surrounding suitable for your leisure time in the Berlin area.

Old Churches and Chapels are telling a lot about history and atchitetoral style

For nature enthusiasts there are so many things to discover. They can have a very good time in one of the nature parks established as a reserve system after the opening of the Berlin Wall 10 years ago: 10% of the territory has been declared a nature park, and 30% a nature reserve.

The biosphere reserves of Spreewald and, even more so, Schorfheide-Chorin, have already become showcase areas for organic agriculture, sustainable forestry, sensitive tourism, near-city recreation and the build-up of 'flowering landscapes' in the former GDR.

  • The biosphere reserve in Schorfheide, for instance, a large woodland area north of Berlin, is a typical blend of mixed forest and water. And then there is lovely Uckermark with its lakes around Prenzlau and Templin.
  • The Lower Oder Valley national park with wet grassland and woods between the Polish and the German side of this beautiful river landscape.
  • The Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve includes the largest interconnected water meadow area of Middle Europe.
  • The Spreewald with its countless waterways extends far beyond the borders of the state. A popular attraction are the barge tours, where visitors let local guides punt them through this charming world of islands and canals.

We invite you to take part in our tours using modern tourist buses or rail connections if time could be saved this way. We head for recommended restaurants.

Well-informed guides acompany the tourist-groups on the excursions.

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